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Photographers are the professionals who capture professional images that they will use for a specific purpose depending on the field in which they work through the use of photographic equipment and the choice of lighting, camera placement and device configuration. These photos may come from commercial commissions (for example, working for advertising agencies), private (make a wedding report or a studio session) or communicative (take photographs to illustrate news or pieces of documentary value). More specifically, the most common areas of work are usually journalism, photograph, fashion, advertising and social, cultural and artistic events.

In any case, these professionals must have a good knowledge of the specific requirements of the fields in which they carry out their work, in order to adapt the photographic images produced by the new digital gadgets that appear according to the new digital and multimedia processing tools.


  • Plan the most suitable procedure to obtain photographs, and determine the equipment and methodology required in each case.
  • Install the photographic equipment and accessories necessary to carry out sessions.
  • Produce photographic images related to various topics (models, buildings, landscapes, infrastructures, etc.) to be used in the media, catalogues, books, reports or advertising).
  • Process and edit photographs (by developing photographs or editing images digitally).
  • Research new methods, techniques, materials and technical equipment.
  • Collaborate on multimedia productions.
  • File, save and sell visual documents and photographic images.

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