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Digital editor


The audiovisual editor is the professional responsible for cutting and editing digital audiovisual products. Select the best images and sequences from the material recorded by the film director, and edit them with the assistance of this professional and other members of the technical team such as the director of photography and the visual effects supervisor. The purpose is to ensure that the audiovisual product has the rhythm, coherence, look and other characteristics resulting from the director's interpretation of the script. This professional must often turn hundreds of hours of shooting and thousands of shots into an end product that lasts a maximum of two hours and has a limited number of scenes. A job that requires great technical ability and a good knowledge of the audio-visual sector, as well as everything related to digital equipment and the software programs required for processing digital images and sound.


  • Copy all recordings over the editing equipment
  • Select images and sequences using the material recorded by the director during filming.
    In collaboration with the director, choose the best images and sequences that, in addition to explaining each scene, provide coherence and unity to the audiovisual product, as well as reflect the original interpretation the director made of the script.
    Select the most suitable camera angles to give scenes rhythm and expressiveness.
    Work with the sound editor and musical director to achieve synchronicity and harmony between images, sounds and the soundtrack.
    Cooperate with the director of photography to choose the most suitable shots to match the final look of the audiovisual product.
  • In the absence of a sound technician, insert the sound for the audiovisual when it is not recorded directly.
    Insert the music, dialogues and sound effects in the final audiovisual product, ensuring coherence of the sound with the image.
  • Coordinate the edition of the film in digital technology with the special effects team.
    Cooperate with the visual effects supervisor to ensure the quality of the digital support of the film.
    Supervise the assembly of sequences that contain special effects created by the visual effects producer or supervisor.
  • Supervise the digital processing of selected material.
    Digitally retouch the audiovisual product, improving its quality and presentation using sophisticated technology and the latest software applications.
  • Supervise the final monitoring and preparation of the audiovisual product for the first showing to the director and producer.
    Contribute opinions about changes and final touches before the product is presented to the public.
  • Create copies for broadcasting and duplicates, when working with television or advertising.

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