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Digital mate artist, Graphic artist or Graphic designer


Digital processes artists work in audiovisual and multimedia productions based on animation. These professionals use their knowledge of computer animation software and their artistic ability to create and modify paintings or drawings, retouch colours, eliminate defects and create and animate digital and multimedia products (films, videos, videogames, short films, adverts or cartoon series).

To a certain extent, these artists' work is part of the 3D, and occasionally 2D, digital environments, which means that they must be familiar with the tools to work in these environments.
When participating in digital audiovisual productions, these professionals work under the requirements of the cinematographer and combine their work with that of the digital imaging, special effects realization, visual effects supervision and technical direction team.


Digital processes artists carry out the following tasks:
  • Consider how to improve an audiovisual product using creative images depending on the visual style being gone for, propose colour and pictorial solutions according to indications of the photography director.
  • Search for and offer real elements to serve as the basis for scenes and paintings. Analyse physical and positional models in order to be able to reproduce them in scenes or digital paintings.
    Provide the team collaborating in the production with photographic material on which to base the creation of digital scenes and paintings.
  • Take part in the creation process of an animation. Design and create 2D and 3D paintings to improve figures, environments and scenes to be part of a digital product.
    Use these creations to improve environments or special effects for use in films, adverts or videogames, bearing in mind the perspective, camera angle and focal length in the edited shots.
  • Integrate their creations, retouch and make the finishes to the final product.
  • Use specific animation and painting software in order to retouch, model and animate characters and develop creations.
  • Work as part of a team in order to ensure the quality of the final product. Work closely with the special effects supervisor and the director of photography, who will offer them guidelines to follow in order to ensure that the results match the initial concept.

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