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Copy (marketing creative).


Copywriters are responsible for creating the texts for all sorts of advertising messages for use online, on mobile telephones or interactive television. Their role goes from the creation of the concept to be communicated to the development advertising messages and slogans, which may include banners, website content, commercial emails, digital telephone mssages and specific texts for interactive television. These texts are often accompanied by images, which the online creative is also expected to produce a rough version of.

These professionals usually report to a marketing manager, who sets their targets, and work as part of a multidisciplinary team made up of programmers, web designers and internactive relationship marketing experts.


  • Create the advertising concept.
    Study the characteristics of the product or service to be publicised alongside the client-company.
    Analyse the type of public to which the message will be addressed so as to adapt it to the characteristics of consumer objectives.
  • Develop the creative idea.
    Carry out a brainstorming session with members of the team.
    This method involves noting down all of the ideas that the professionals attending a meeting come up with and subsequently choosing the most suitable one.
  • Define the various elements to be communicated.
  • Implement each of the elements to be communicated.
  • Design messages for every support chosen in the action plan: banners, website text, commercial emails, messages for digital telephones, specific texts for interactive tv, special formats, etc.
  • Conduct pretests for the campaign designed for all of these formats through market research systems.
  • Implement the campaign.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the message communicated.
  • Throughout the campaign, creatives must maintain regular contact with the client in order to keep them posted on how the process is going.

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