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This is the person who specialises in the charges and payments made in all sale and purchase processes of companies. Treasury management involves the control of cash flow that start in the heart of the company; for this reason, treasury management is fundamental to carrying out an efficient control of the company's financial activities and to contributing to the creation of value. The key role carried out by a Treasury Manager is that of providing the resources (operational records of accountancy, payment control, bank reconciliations, etc.) for a suitable availability of company funds, in order to achieve the desired degree of liquidity (availability of funds), at the minimum cost. For this reason, this individual must communicate fluently with all the areas responsible for cash flows in the company (the trading area, finances, sales, etc.).


  • Carry out treasury predictions (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) by means of:
    • Analysis of the financial trajectory of the company; the state of the accounts, and of payments and charges, the management of the savings bank, and of various bank transactions (transfers, loans, refunds, etc.).
    • The collection and analysis of financial information relating to all areas of the company.
    • Client and supplier payment forecasting and planning.
    • Study of planned investments.
  • Safeguard the liquidity of the company proposing the use of tools as the factoring, confirming, endorsement of invoices, credit policies, loans, etc., via the analysis of cash flow predictions. All these are payment management tools, offered by financial institutions.

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