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M&A Analyst


The main function of an M&A (merger and acquisitions) analyst is to provide technical support to a company¿s strategy, examine market opportunities and support negotiations in company mergers and acquisitions. The role of this professional has become crucial in the last years as many companies have undertaken mergers with other companies or have acquired other firms, specially in the banking and finance sector.

This professional usually buils their career in business banking, investment banking, private equity, M&A boutiques or in the area of corporate finance.


  • Analyse a company¿s financial planning: initial balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and bottom line.
  • Conduct appraisals of tangible (tangible and intangible fixed assets); and intangible assets (items that determine competitive ability and the generation of earnings or value added).
  • Structure and organise a company¿s financial information and turn it into documents (spreadsheets, presentations or text documents).
  • Carry out financial modelling. That is to say, address a number of scenarios based on different assumptions, assess the business¿ profitability, propose various financial alternatives and generate graphics for each of the scenarios presented.
  • Design models for buying shares, debt restructuring and capitalisation of the company.
  • Advise companies during mergers and acquisitions based on appraisals of tangible and intangible assets, financial planning and modelling.
  • Take part in negotiations for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Coordinate the due diligence prior to a company acquisition or merger.

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