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Legal advisers are legal professionals responsible for offering legal advice and information regarding the specific regulations of the economic sector in which the company or organization for which they work operates.
Their job consists of representing and advising administrations, business associations and companies in the sector, as well as professionals and clients who require their services in relation to legal regulations, contracting and the acquisition or consumption of products in their field of business.


  • Advise companies on the different aspects of the Law:
    Incorporation of corporations to create companies.
    Legal regulations regarding facilities, hygiene and safety, regulations for the prevention of occupational hazards and working conditions, environmental regulations, etc.
    Drafting of the general conditions of the different types of labour or service contracts that regulate the economic sector of interest.
    TAX adviser: VAT, corporation tax, etc.
    Offer administrative advice: municipal, autonomous community and national legislation, opening licences, noise legislation, restrictions on timetables for activities, etc.
  • Represent companies in conflict resolution.
    Provide civil advice on customer claims for breach and cancellation of labour contracts, professional services or supply contacts.
    Create administrative resources.
    Act as an intermediary in resolution negotiation cases.
    Represent customers in litigations before the Justice Administration.

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