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The institutional relations manager is the professional responsible for communicating information of interest about a sector, activity or group to public, institutional or private institutions in a transparent way.
In modern democracies, freedom of speech is exercised not only by individuals but also through public or private civil society organisations.

In this regard, institutional relations are a way of channelling this freedom of expression and establishing communication between different public and private entities. Therefore, the work of institutional relations managers is associated with the right of businesses and institutions to communicate their interests and their situation and advocate for changes to legislation that affects them.

Thus, institutional relations can be defined as a professional activity that consists of defending the legitimate interests of groups and companies before public or private administrations and communicating information about a particular sector, activity or group in a transparent manner. Finally, they perform an essential function in the process of democratic societal development.


The main tasks of institutional relations managers are outlined below:
  • Communicate the legitimate interests of companies or sectors to government administrations in general and in particular to legislative and executive powers at the European, national and regional levels.
  • Develop plans, programmes and procedures aimed at strengthening relations between the businesses and the community, other businesses and public and private organisations at the local, national and international levels.
  • Promote and manage agreements with other companies and public or private entities at the local, national and international levels.
  • Represent the company before public and private bodies at the national and international levels at the request of the CEO under the prevailing protocol of the business, country or public institution with whom they are dealing.
  • Advise senior management with respect to their powers and coordinate different divisions of the company in the programming and execution of internal and external actions or events.
  • Report to the CEO and other executives about local, regional, national and international events that are related directly or indirectly to the company¿s sector and assess the suitability of participating in them.
  • Coordinate the research, delivery, publishing and distribution of institutional and sector publications when necessary.
  • Prepare institutional publications and presentations for any media outlet.
  • Ensure that company-produced documentation adheres to the company's prevailing code of conduct and protocol and safeguards its image.
  • Monitor public policies that pertain to the sector in which they work.
  • Inform the CEO of the company's commitment to society, government agencies and other companies, and produce documentation that is useful for analysing the pros and cons of these commitments. This analysis helps the company identify its interests and propose solutions to promote any needed changes in legislation.

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