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There is currently substantial demand for this occupation, since for most SMEs it makes no sense to employ a professional to work full-time in this area and so they hire labour consulting firms that boast the necessary specialists to carry out this work. Further, the need to adapt to the latest developments in labour regulations calls for the involvement of a labour relations expert who can manage all aspects related to the management of a company's human resources.


  • Compile information about a company's employees (contracts, agreements, hours, conditions) in order to draw up their payroll, prepare it and coordinate all of the documentation that must be submitted to Social Security, with a view to current labour regulations.
  • One of their tasks is to calculate workers' benefits and compensation and advise employers and employees on dismissal and retirement-related issues, as well as early retirement, in the case of the latter.
  • Within their advisory function, they may also represent workers or employers at Industrial Tribunals or in the negotiation of collective agreements.
  • Similarly, their knowledge also enables them to advise employers on the best way to organise and coordinate labour relations within a company in order to achieve optimum results for both workers and the employer.

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