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These professionals evaluate and measure the virtual citizen service offices' users' satisfaction that public bodies make accessible through the Internet, as well as other procedures that have been implemented in order to facilitate an accessible, efficient and transparent connection between citizens and the public administration.

These experts identify the citizens' needs and demands in relation to the types of services and information that should be accessible through the Internet, as well as the degree of perceived quality and the relative importance they attach to public services offered. They must use the relevant techniques to assess these perceptions, design the appropriate procedures to consult these offices' users and analyse the results obtained, their significance and their validity.

They work in the Administration coordinating the implementation of e-Administration projects or in consulting companies dedicated to the design and implementation of e-Administration projects.


These professionals carry out the following tasks:
  • Determine offices' users' needs and requirements:
    Identify the type and characteristics of the services that can be researched (on which users base their opinions about every service).
    Employ the most suitable consultation methods to identify all these areas.
    Identify interface characteristics that facilitate or hinder communications between the public body and users of online services.
  • Design the procedure for evaluating client satisfaction, which involves selecting the consultation process (or for obtaining information) and determining the reliability, internal coherence and validity of these measures.
  • Design the support of the inquiry.
    Determine the questions that users should formulate, determine the response formats and measure scales, and design the questionnaire of satisfaction of services users.
    Analyse and interpret results of the enquiry.
  • Present these results.
    Create spreadsheets, charts or other graphical depictions that let users' evaluations be identified with respect to the services in question and the requirements or expectations that they express.
    Draw up a report representing these results for the client¿s organisation.
  • According to the evaluation obtained from public bodies, they encourage innovation in the field of public management in terms of processes, products, services and organizational structures.
  • Evaluate the need to launch new electronic services such as the telematization of the relationship channels between the Administration, citizens and companies or the increase in the offer of online services, and manage its development.
  • Support the development of projects that may be related to the automation of administrative management, both internally and in relation to citizens and companies; the exchange of information between administrations; the improvement of communication between citizens and the Administration; or the increase of interoperability between the different levels of the Administration to evolve towards a model of network administration.
  • Support the development and monitoring of departmental e-Administration projects.
    This support is specified in information, advice or training of staff.

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