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Industrial business psychologist


Talent management refers to the process that takes place in the incorporation of new people to the company or organization, aiming at increasing and improving the company's competitiveness.
Initially, talent management specialists had the main mission of attracting talent and providing human resources in companies, but undoubtedly the current focus is on retaining this talent and preparing workers in order to improve their performance. In other words, these professionals carry out strategic actions to attract and retain resources: talent selection, business training, professional development and performance evaluation.

These professionals are also responsible for collaborating with the management of the company in order to improve the productivity of the workforce, carrying out an analysis of the jobs, reorganizing tasks and defining guidelines for internal promotion or for hiring new professionals. Likewise, they may work to improve other factors such as the work environment or the workforce's motivation, by designing and applying specific guidelines.


  • Advise the company management on the following:
    Strategic changes which may take place with regard to staff management and recruitment, management and team-leading methods, marketing, etc.
    New ways to improve organisational efficiency.
    Ways to solve conflicts between members of staff or in the frame of negotiations.
  • Carry out studies and analyses on the following:
    Data to assess and measure the effectiveness of training programmes within the company.
    The physical work environment, organisational structure, communication systems, group interactions, levels of staff motivation.
    Employees, to determine the physical, cognitive and training requirements of their job.
    Work positions, to set the tasks involved and classification, selection and training criteria
    Feelings and the work position: emotional intelligence, emotional management, etc.
  • Plan and implement:
    Training programmes, applying educational principles and respecting individual differences.
    Teams and work groups to promote efficiency and creativity.
    Interview and personality test techniques to assess the abilities, skills and interest of candidates during recruitment, placement and promotion processes.
    Career plans that allow people to develop their potential according to the skills they possess, by carrying out continuous and individualized monitoring.

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