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A communications consultant gives advice and suggests strategic communications and marketing solutions tailored to customers' requirements and needs.

This communications professional works in a company's back office in the communications department and plays a fundamental role in drawing up the organisation's strategic communication plan. To carry out their functions they carefully monitor the company's internal communication synergies, external ones with customers and its surrounding business environment (sector companies, potential customers, opportunities, risks, etc.) and put forward solutions that seek to exploit the company's image to the full and further the organisation's objectives.

Very often communications consultants work for specialist communication strategy companies from which other firms outsource their consulting services.

A communications consultant's functions will cover various communication areas including strategic communication, financial communication, corporate communication, crisis communication, online communication, public affairs, labour relations, etc. They also use different areas of knowledge, such as graphic design, corporate identity, Internet and multimedia, communication 2.0, etc., to carry out their duties.


The duties performed by a communications consultant depend on their professional category, with a distinction usually being drawn between junior and senior. A junior consultant performs tasks such as collecting and analysing information, while a senior consultant carries out tasks that are more complex or have greater responsibility, for example proposing solutions or leading communication projects. The main duties of a communications consultant are as follows:
  • Analyse the needs of the customer and their product in terms of the market and its target consumers.
  • Conduct thorough analysis of the customer's difficulties and opportunities.
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative data so as to improve or adapt communication strategies.
  • Propose innovative, transferable solutions that are tailored to customers' needs in corporate communication, institutional relations, marketing, reputation, corporate responsibility, crisis communication, corporate identity, media 2.0, online marketing, etc.
  • Interpret and analyse documents from various disciplines such as marketing, macroeconomics, cultural anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc., in order to gain a global vision of the market to which the product is addressed.
  • Draw up reports and documents that are organised and structured so the customer can understand them and they are appropriate to the customer's language and knowledge.
  • Plan communications projects and manage their implementation.

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