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Online marketing consultant, Online advertising designer


Online advertising experts plan and manage the internet marketing strategy. They are specialised in communication with potential customers through the network and in multimedia environments, and combine knowledge in the fields of design, technology and content management. Use the interactivity of digital media to generate messages that require the participation of the target audience, so that they can collect and analyse their preferences and needs, as well as relevant information for the organization.

These professionals must know very well the digital media and the possibilities offered by the different supports to be able to correctly advise on questions such as: which websites are best suited to insert advertising banners, how to make an informative newsletter, or how to send personalized commercial emails.


  • Meet with the company to establish the objectives of the marketing campaign.
    Advise on the most beneficial online marketing possibilities.
    Analyse the needs of the company (if they want to get new clients or retain those who they already have).
    Structure the marketing plan.
  • Do market research to make decisions about the data obtained.
    • If the strategy is oriented to get new customers:
      Carry out studies on the network and on potential audiences.
      Study the pages, portals and networks that have the most audience and the frequency with which they are visited by different segments of the public in order to determine where the online advertising campaign would have the most echo.
      Analyse websites and portals with content related to the company's website.
      Study the different search engines and the possible agreements or improvements that can be carried out to position the company more favourably in the search engine.
    • If what they want is to promote the current customers' loyalty:
      Check their degree of satisfaction and their needs through emails, chats, newsletters, forms, etc.
      Study user behaviour (response and display time, number of clicks).
  • Determine which is the most effective strategy or combination of strategies in order to influence the target audience.
    Determine with the design team the most convenient format and location for communication materials (banner, pop up, email, etc.) considering usability criteria.
    Where appropriate, conceptualise the periodic newsletters that inform about the news of the company.
  • Control the results of the campaign in order to plan future strategies.
    Carry out statistics to see the incidence of the advertising message.
    Design interactive systems enabling feedback mechanisms with the consumer.
    Manage the transformation of the creative message if the response rate has decreased.
  • Prepare campaign monitoring reports and present them to the client company.

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