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Online store designer-concept engineer; e-shopper; e-tailer.


Skilled professional in product and service retail marketing to the end-user, by electronic service channels (B2C). This transversal specialisation emphasises the interraction of digital marketing with the client in areas of marketing, studies of consumer behaviour, the conceptual design of digital spaces, the management of categories, cross-selling; in the area of secure payments, in information systems and the management of purchase distribution logistics. Another specialisation of this occupation is oriented towards industrial markets (B2B).


  • Coordinate online channels in the Sales department of a company.
  • Define interaction and customer service processes to achieve a satisfactory purchasing experience.
  • Develops, coordinates and implement business strategies to optimise client income: sales, publicity, suscriptions, etc.
  • Coordinate the strategy of the service channel with those responsible for other sales service channels.
  • Manage the behavioural analysis and audience of customers and elaborate loyalty strategies: promotions, membership cards, cross-sale strategies, etc.
  • Supervise and implement the tasks of the interactivity and usability team, website designers, programmers, etc. Involved in the development of the sales web portal.
  • Possess knowledge and experience in technology solutions of the sector.
  • Possess knowledge of the development of Internet business. auctions, C2B (purchase syndicated by consumers), etc.
  • Understand the different electronic security solutions used to guarantee the quality of transactions among operators (suppliers and clients).

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