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This professional defines and manages the line of wines, cavas and other alcoholic beverages of an establishment. A specialist person, good taster and knowledgeable about the vintages and characteristics, who is in charge of the selection of the beverage offer and advises the clientele on the most suitable products.

This professional is also in charge of the supply and the correct conservation of alcoholic beverages in order to guarantee optimal consumption conditions once they reach the clients.


  • Define the product range of the establishment and create the wine list (bearing in mind protected designations of origin), also including cavas and other types of alcoholic drinks, considering the type of establishment, the nature of the menu and the season.
  • Choose brands and suppliers, negotiate prices, discounts and necessary stock replenishment with suppliers, taking into account the annual budget at all times.
  • Keep tabs on developments at source wineries and, where they see fit, make long-term purchases.
  • Organise the correct storage of products, bearing in mind the temperature and light conditions and rotating products in the cellar.
  • Control the stock in the establishment or cellar, as well as the possible expiration of products.
  • Coordinate the product sales strategy and define the pricing policy of the establishment.
  • Advise, inform and assist clients on the most suitable wines for each occasion or meal.
  • Carry out offers and promotional campaigns, organising tasting courses and planning other actions aimed at boosting the business.

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