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Pharmaceutical production supervisor


Pharmaceutical companies require staff to cover the supervision of the different operations carried out in production plants. These plants tend to be small to medium-sized and usually operate according to batch-based processes. The duties of the pharmaceutical production technician include the organisation of all process and control operations involved in the different stages of the manufacture of pharmaceutical product or similar in a production line, supervising the operation of equipment, and its turning on and off, ensuring compliance with good manufacturing, quality, environmental and safety regulations, and monitoring operators, workers and handlers. These workers carry out their occupations in companies which manufacture basic pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical specialities, pesticides, dyes, perfume oils and other health and beauty products. In large companies, this position provides a number of opportunities for professional development, to shift or product manager, or career opportunities in other departments such as a logistics, pharmaceutical licensing or development, or even quality management, production process inspection or similar. In the case of small businesses, tasks of this kind tend to be readily integrated in the job description, with a highly versatile profile.


  • Organise the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and related products.
    Execute logistics and inventory tasks related to compounds originating from the company's own research or from that of other companies or partner centres.
    Supervise the reception and registration of manufacturing materials and, using automated systems, prepare the samples destined to testing in accordance with established procedures.
    Check that the equipment used and processing conditions comply with established standards and specifications.
    Organise the labelling and storage of the materials specified for the manufacture of different products in the conditions and location specified.
    In charge of drawing up standard operating procedures for the different operations.
    Carry out his/her duties with the delegation and under the supervision of the pharmaceutical production manager.
  • Coordinate and control the manufacture of pharmaceutical compounds and related products.
    Supervise routine processes related to formulation, filling, drying and processing in sterile conditions for all new products.
    Check changes in format and control preventative maintenance activities carried out on the different machines.
    Carry out adjustments to the production line based on standard operating procedures.
    Control processes and coordinate the analysis of raw materials, intermediary and finished products, also in charge of carrying out sample stability analyses, equipment calibration and cleaning the facilities.
    Use IT equipment to process and record analytical and filing data.
    Check performances, material ratios and process documentation.
    Intervene in the event of an emergency, incident or deviation from the process.
  • Fulfil and ensure the fulfilment of good manufacturing, safety and environmental practice across the entire chemical-pharmaceutical process.
    Guarantee the quality of pharmaceutical and related products in the process.
    Maintain the level of objectives established with regard to production, quality and other deriving ratios.
    Apply internal chemical hazard related safety and environmental standards in the preparation and set-up of the area, machine or equipment.
    Prevent personal risk through the use of personal protective equipment.

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