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In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in general, marketing departments are divided according to the medical speciality to which their product, drug or related product is directed. Within each of these specialisations, we find pharmaceutical product managers.

These professionals are part of the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company and are the head of a product or range of products (brand manager). Their involvement begins with the conception of the product and continues with its management throughout its entire commercial cycle. Define at all times the commercial and marketing strategies to follow. Also, they ensure the maximisation of the benefits produced by this product through its relaunch in phases of decline or the implementation of new strategies aimed at prolonging its existence.

Likewise, these professionals' mission is to manage the life cycle of one or more products, from the definition stage and launch until the moment they disappear, always with the main objective of achieving maximum profits through sales. Their role begins with the search of business opportunities, continues with the coordination of the marketing plan for the chosen product, which should feature the classic variables of the marketing mix (product, price, distribution and communication), the realisation of sales forecasts and, finally, the organisation of logistics and the positioning of the product in the market. Advertising, promotions, sponsorship, market research, merchandising and pricing are some of the tools they use in order to achieve their targets.


  • Create, define and implement the marketing plan for the company's product portfolio, based on the analysis of market research of new products or existing products of the company.
  • Perform market research in order to observe the evolution of products and competition, thereby aiding the decision-making process. Interpret, conduct and analyse market studies to understand the product, customers and competition (products, prices, offers, etc.).
  • Devise product penetration, image and promotion studies. Perform research and commercial prospecting of existing or new products and study their market prospects.
  • Adapt and update the product catalogue of their division, discarding obsolete products and including new references.
  • Control the budget assigned to their product category.
  • Train the sales team in the products and promotions provided in the marketing plan and in the strategies to be used with customers. Produce monthly reports for the Marketing Department.
  • Prepare and/or adapt the promotional materials related to this product to legal requirements.
  • Identify and propose new business opportunities through opinion leaders.
  • The company's customers consider this professional the person who knows the most about the product.
  • Know the characteristics and technical solutions of complementary products to those marketed in the division.
  • Manage databases and market supplier panels. Measure and analyse the profitability of the marketing actions carried out.
  • Participate in sector fairs and organise symposia.
  • Coordinate their tasks with other departments in the company.

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