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Biotech Media Expert


Scientific communication, understood as the process of publicly transferring and disseminating scientific knowledge, plays a key role in society's development. Science influences and conditions all fields of human life: professional, intellectual, those related to health, well-being, recreation, the physical environment, etc. A society that understands and has access to new knowledge and new technologies has a greater critical ability to take decisions, and is more prepared to face new future challenges. The manner in which new knowledge is spread and the players responsible for this communication are determining factors in the establishment of opinions and the generation of ethical debate with regard to science. The head of communication is responsible for communicating the research results and the new knowledge that is generated, either by companies or research centres and/or entities. Their work is similar to that of a spokesperson for a company or institution, although they are specialised in relationships with the media, becoming mediators between the scientific and technological environments and society in general.


  • Is in constant contact with the knowledge generators of their entity (company, research centre) in order to have precise information of the scope, differentiating benefits and uses of the products and services.
  • Prepare informational documents, advertising materials and the necessary reports, adapting them (in content, form and channel) to the special characteristics and needs of the information's final destination.
  • Maintain relationships with the media: press agencies, written and/or digital press media, magazines, publications and audiovisual media, both general and specialised.
  • Organise press conferences, offer interviews, round tables, conferences, presentations at forums.
  • Follow-up on internal and external congresses and seminars: media relations, control of publishing media, sending of invitations, organisation of meetings, etc.
  • Contact public relations agencies for special services.

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