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Head of European research projects; European research project manager


The European Union increasingly allocates more budget to aid programmes for R&D (research and development). Project management, despite being a relatively new discipline, is becoming an essential part of public and private institutions to ensure successful and satisfactory execution of projects (achieving results on time, within budget and with the expected quality), with special attention to the specificity of European R&D partnerships and their particular features. The goal of European partnership managers is to lead and coordinate projects framed within the European Commission in the area of research. They are responsible for aiding in the preparation of the study synopsis and for ensuring that the work plan is being fulfilled within the parameters of quality, budget and timing outlined in the scientific report of the project.


  • See to proper execution of the project, from the first phase, participating in the preparation of the study synopsis, until the writing of the final report.
  • Monitor the work plan.
  • Handle the economic and financial management of assigned projects.
  • Handle the administrative management of projects.
  • Manage project risks.
  • Manage international consortia that carry out the project.
  • Manage the correct internal communication of the project.
  • Find calls for proposals for European R&D projects; find partners; and process grants.
  • Take responsibility for institutional representation before competent organisations and committees.
  • Organise internal and external meetings.

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