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Patent specialist; patent lawyer; patent attorney.


Industrial property is a set of exclusive rights that protect both innovative activity, related to new products, procedures or designs, and commercial activity, which is derived from their marketing. The protection of industrial property in the field of biotechnology gives rise to an ongoing debate on what can be patented and what cannot. There are also other valuable manners and models of protection, which are different from patents. The person responsible for industrial property is the person who defines the entity's industrial protection strategy, in accordance with management's criteria. They are in charge of preparing and coordinating all the processes of application, maintenance and monitoring of patents, together with the researchers and/or inventors. Professionalism is essential for the companies and entities, since the future use of an invention depends to a great extent on the quality, rigour and robustness with which the patent has been described.


  • Define the entity's industrial protection strategy in accordance with management's criteria.
  • Conduct a preliminary analysis of the state-of-the-art or existence of inventions of other entities that could interfere with the application for and maintenance of their own patents.
  • Carry out an analysis of the patentability and define the inventive novelty of the idea or product that is to be protected.
  • Supervise the writing of the report, which describes the product, its use or the method for its obtainment and includes the claims that are to be protected.
  • Supervise the procedures of the Spanish and international applications and extensions to other countries according to the chosen strategy.
  • Oversee international surveillance to protect the inventions and carry out defence procedures when faced with opposition.
  • At many companies, also review what is to be published in order to avoid data from being leaked in magazines or congresses prior to the application for patents, which could make these difficult to obtain.

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