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Laboratories, research centres and scientific-technical services linked to biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology require very specific equipment to carry out their research projects or their production of goods and services. These are usually expensive, complex and precision equipment, where the latest technology and the continuous process of technological change are quite present.

These professionals assume the role of helpdesk technician, working in the laboratories and facilities of the tool manufacturer's customers. However, they also often offer a comprehensive medical equipment management service that includes consultancy, technical assistance, maintenance engineering, user support, simplification of management processes, purchasing advice, implementation of maintenance management solutions and integration of equipment and information systems.

This specialised equipment is produced by medical technology companies that laboratories, research centres and scientific-technical services buy or rent to carry out their work. This equipment requires very careful maintenance and periodic checks to ensure its optimal functioning and to ensure the success of research and production processes in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technologies and biomedical research projects. In this sense, the companies that produce this specific equipment provide an after-sales service that guarantees the perfect maintenance, use and performance of the equipment.

In this way, the technical assistance service can be carried out at the customer's home (field service) or in the company's own workshop with qualified technicians using measuring instruments, protection equipment and computer devices for recording activity in the central maintenance management system, incident management and reporting. Work protocols are also established for various types of equipment, such as monitors, respirators, rehabilitation equipment, operating theatres, facilities for newborns, X-rays, outpatients and hospitalisation units. Periodic inspections are also carried out to certify the optimum condition of the equipment in order to guarantee maximum availability and verifications in accordance with current ISO quality management standards for medical devices.


  • Carry out the maintenance of installations, commissioning and removal or relocation of equipment (removal in the field, review and modification in the electronic workshop and return to the new site). Schedule and supervise the execution of preventive maintenance of the technology.
  • Execute technical requests according to protocol, periodic monitoring of equipment and manage the repair laboratory at component level and with the replacement of parts or sun-assemblies (reactive maintenance in the field).
  • Advise customers on all aspects of medical technology, particularly service management, maintenance engineering, process control and innovation.
  • Manage the contracts in force and the guarantees deriving from them (control of capacity and coverage of technical assistance and service management). Verification of the adequacy and compliance with regulations.
  • Assume the process engineering, identifying and defining the electromedical equipment management processes.
  • Determine the action protocols, equipment inventory, maintenance plans, legal technical maintenance, risk management, contracts, guarantees and contingency plans. They also deal with quality management protocols for the certification and monitoring of service providers for electro-medical equipment.
  • Carry out cost control. Ensure the optimisation of resources to allow customers to focus on their core business.
  • Assume the management of reports: incidents attended, quality and productivity indexes, number of calls received, use of voicemail, etc., as well as the management of change in accordance with the procedures defined for the management and support of electro-medical equipment.
  • Responsible for knowledge management: technical library, training plans for healthcare and technical personnel.
  • Investigate accidents and damage related to biomedical instrumentation.
  • Coordinate and manage maintenance contracts for installed biomedical technology.
  • Availability (in flexibility and coverage) to cover certain areas and schedules in customer service, with scheduled interventions (preventive and technical maintenance, legal aspects, etc.), and for unscheduled interventions (corrective, low performance, etc.).

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