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Nanotechnology is the study, design, creation, synthesis, manipulation and application of materials, functional devices and systems through the control and exploitation of phenomena and properties of matter at a 'nano' scale. 'Nano' is a Greek prefix that indicates a measure corresponding to one billionth of a metre (0.0000001 m); thus, nanotechnology is characterised for being a highly multidisciplinary and united field due to the scale at which matter is manipulated. When matter is manipulated at the scale of atoms and molecules, it shows entirely new phenomena and properties.

Scientists use nanotechnology to create new materials, devices and systems with unique and distinct properties that can affect the fundamental characteristics of matter, such as colour, reactivity, conductivity and resistance. Nanotechnology promises cutting-edge solutions and benefits of all kinds, from new medical applications to more efficient solutions to environmental problems.

Nanotechnologists are professionls who conduct research in this field.


  • Plan, develop and conduct research projects related to nanotechnology.
  • Pose new research objectives.
  • Understand the (potential) areas of application of nanotechnology and the mechanisms of technology transfer.
  • Use nanoelements and nanomaterials to develop new products with added value.
  • Publish the results of research in specialty journals.
  • Present results at scientific conferences and similar events.
  • Often combine research activity with teaching and academic activities.
  • Regularly report on advances and incidences in projects to project heads and collaborators.

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