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These professionals are responsible for supporting and helping people who have difficulties or cannot carry out activities of daily living on their own because of their conditions or functional diversity. Their main mission is to promote the independent life project of the person they are serving, facilitating the exercise of self-determination, as an alternative to their institutionalisation and guaranteeing their rights as an equal citizen.

In particular, personal assistance is aimed at covering personal needs in any sphere of life, so these professionals can provide support in different areas (personal hygiene, food, mobility, social relations, family, education, training, work, citizen participation, leisure or others) that will be determined by the life project of the person assisted.

These professionals offer their services mainly to people with disabilities and their aim is to empower people beyond their limitations. Therefore, users are who decide when, how and in which activities of their life they will make use of these professionals' support. For this reason, they must offer a very flexible service, adapted to changing needs and which prioritises the freedom to decide, the independence and the ability to improvise of the person assisted.

Lastly, it should be noted that there are two modalities for accessing to personal assistance services through the Law on Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Persons in a Situation of Dependency:

  • Personal assistance of support in accompanying work, occupational and/or training activities outside the usual home.
  • Personal assistance to support autonomous life and social and community integration, which refers to the activities that the person usually carries out, both inside and outside the home, that favour the development of an autonomous and independent life.


The functions of these professionals can be grouped into three main categories:

Welfare aid
  • Hygiene and personal care support: body hygiene, help with physiological needs and other tasks related to personal care (brushing teeth, brushing hair, shaving, removing hair or dressing).
  • Health care: carrying out minor cures according to medical prescriptions except in those cases where it is necessary to hold a health qualification; administration of medication, etc.
  • Help in food intake.
  • Movements: helping to get up and into bed; walk and sit; make movements and postural changes, etc. In some cases, these professionals can use some technical aids (lifts, wheelchairs, shower chairs, etc.).

Household help
  • Cleaning, order and maintenance of the home in good hygiene and health conditions.
  • Washing of household items, washing and ironing of clothes and support in the use of household appliances.
  • Elaboration and cooking of food.
  • Support in the care of plants and/or animals.

  • Accompanying in daily tasks and trips: going to work, to study, to medical visits, to the bank, etc.
  • Support in daily shopping, both for food and other frequently used products.
  • Accompanying in leisure and travel activities.

  • Support in all those actions not listed above, which involve the development of the user's life project.

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