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Nurse team manager


Nurse team managers are nurses with care experience and managerial skills. Their main task is to plan, organise, manager and assess nurse care in the area for which they are responsible. They must manage sustained treatment and integrate care across their area, as well as managing the portfolio of nursing services assigned to them. As a result, they must effectively apply the necessary skills and techniques in order to ensure the highest standards of care and service, through training staff, improving work systems and optimising human and material resources. Their management should be based on the principle of shared responsibility, both in the coordination of managerial functions and in the achievement of results. Where performing a managerial role, they require solid leadership skills and influence, in order to facilitate their participation in the fundamental aspects of healthcare services. They can work in a range of places (hospital units, primary care clinics, nursing clinics and homes, among others), with various levels of responsibility, depending on their position and the area of which they are placed in charge (general management, head of EAP - the Professional Nursing School -; head of SAP - pre-hospital nursing -; area manager, supervisor, etc.)


  • Manage the nursing service in order to ensure that the care provided to users is effective and of the highest quality.
  • Plan, coordinate and assess resources and the working environment, as well as interprofessional collaboration in various areas, and organise the nursuing services and care in order to address users' needs and demands.
  • Analyse the service users' profiles and needs in order to effectively delegate tasks amongst members of staff.
  • Deploy each unit or centre's staff depending on the needs of each service.
  • Manage and distribute material resources effectively and efficiently in order to facilitate the provision of nursing care.
  • Organise and promote nursing sessions in which members of staff on your service can exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • Promote and facilitate communication between the different services and levels of the organisation.
  • Promote ethical behaviour amongst staff and foster ethical debate in the face of the ethical dilemmas that arise on a day-to-day basis.
  • Promote the professional development of the staff for which you are responsible through participation in continuous training courses.
  • Guarantee the quality of nursing care being provided by analysing and assessing the nurses' performance.
  • Innovate, assess and incorporate the advantages of new clinical practice-related technology to management, information and communication processes.
  • Identify and develop new opportunities for the nursing profession.
  • Take proactive steps in order to train and educate the group with regards to change management and to transfer knowledge to new groups of professionals.
  • Assess staff and user satisfaction levels.
  • Develop and stimulate teamwork.
  • Encourage staff from the department to participate in research projects, and support their participation.

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