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Clinical and health psychology is the field of specialization of psychology that deals with human behaviour and the psychological phenomena that affect people's mental health and well-being.
To achieve it, these professionals use methods and techniques proceeding from observation and research in order to study, explain, prevent, assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate the psychological aspects that negatively affect people's behaviour, emotions or relationships. The specific methodology used by these professionals will depend on the type of therapeutic orientation with which they work (psychoanalytic, behavioural, gestalt, transpersonal, systemic, etc.).

Clinical psychologists may work with individuals, couples, groups or communities, children, teenagers, adults or the elderly. It is usual that depending on the intervention that they make, they end up specializing in a specific type of care: children, addictions, couple therapy or eating disorders, among others. Moreover, they can also work in emergency situations, attending victims or people involved in the emergency or accident, relatives, and other involved professionals.


The range of tasks that these professionals can perform is very wide and will depend on the institution where they work. Thus, in a generic way we can describe:
  • Assessment and diagnosis:
    Interview the patient in-depth, collect and analyse the reason for the consultation and relevant information in order to evaluate any potential psycho-pathological alterations or disorders.
    Check the person's medical history in order to identify all the variables that influence, and assess related risk factors, protective factors and coping resources.
    From all the information collected, make the diagnosis and prepare reports, certificates and psychological assessments.
  • Treatment:
    Design the specific treatment, schedule the work sessions and prepare the necessary psychological materials and resources.
    Give the treatment in order to help patients alleviate their suffering and that of their relational environment.
    Develop actions to promote health by promoting patient's resources in order to maintain the improvement made and avoid the onset of psychopathological disorders or detect them as soon as possible.
    Achieve conditions necessary for effective communication and a good therapeutic relationship with the patients, relatives and community at which the intervention is directed.
  • Teamwork and networking:
    Work alongside other professionals to provide optimal care to population. Design and conduct joint treatments.
    Coordinate with administrations and organizations outside their organization who can offer support and resources. If necessary, refer the patient to the most appropriate professional.
    Update their technical expertise and exchange knowledge and experiences.

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