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Stem Cell Researcher


A stem cell is defined as a self-renewing cell progenitor able to regenerate one or more differentiated cell types. Stem cells are present in most adult tissues (the are responsible for cell renewal or tissue regeneration in the event of damage). Although some of these adult stem cells can be differentiated in more than one cell type, embryonic stem cells (from an embryo of 4-5 days) are the stem cells able to form all cell types of an adult organism. These cells can be cultured in vitro (in the laboratory) indefinitely and can be used to repair damaged tissue. The creation of organs is also being researched. Stem cell therapies are currently being developed with promising results, as in the case of treatment for leukaemia, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. Stem cell technicians work in the area of research and are responsible for preclinical experiments performed with stem cells, both to increase knowledge and to prepare transplants. They work with a team of researchers from the areas of medicine and biology, and they are focused on researching new cell therapies.


  • Prepare experimental protocols and perform testing in accordance with the guidelines of the principal investigator or department head.
  • Prepare and maintain all biological material: identify and extract stem cells from experimental animals (rats, mice, etc.); incubate cells in suitable culture media to increase the number; and, when necessary, genetically manipulate stem cells, i.e., introduce genetic changes through transfection (introduction of genes from other cells).
  • Develop surgery and transplant methods in animal models (preclinical phase).
  • Write articles for scientific publications.
  • Present projects to organisations and institutions to request funding for research.
  • Train new technical staff on team.
  • Attend international conferences and events to present research.

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