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Pharmaceutical packer; Packaging operator.


These professionals are responsible for handling, labelling and packaging the different pharmaceutical or cosmetic products obtained after the manufacturing process in a pharmaceutical plant. They work in sterile conditions which are highly regulated by the good manufacturing and laboratory practice regulations, in production plants for pharmaceutical companies and other similar firms, representing the last link in the production chain.

They control the functioning, start-up and stoppage of the facilities and equipment under the established safety, quality and environmental conditions. They are responsible for maintaining the production equipment and taking samples and conducting the simple tests required to maintain the process in the established production conditions. They also control the operation of the necessary equipment, as well as the level of quality, and meet the manufacturing standards.


Make the preparations before conditioning operations begin and load the finished products and conditioning material on to the conditioning lines:
  • Make the necessary prior adjustments to machines, equipment and installations to achieve the right conditioning conditions.
  • Activate and monitor machines that weigh, shrink-wrap, seal and package numerous products.
  • Activate and monitor machines that fill tubes, tins, boxes, bags and containers with food, drink, paint, oil and lotion products and seal them.
  • Apply safety and hygiene regulations when handling machinery and equipment in accordance with the occupational risk prevention plan.
  • In emergencies and incidents act in accordance with the established criteria.
Control dosing equipment to obtain the previously established quality of each product that is required during the conditioning process:
  • Prepare the sample-taking instrument and control and record its results.
  • Adjust local control instruments, achieving the correct dose.
Control the conditioning equipment and take the necessary samples for this control:
  • Ensure that the components and containers clearly show the batch specification, date and expiry in accordance with the labelling instructions.
  • Control the conditioning equipment by taking samples at the established regular intervals.
  • Check performance, material balances and documentation after the conditioning process to ensure that the consumption of all materials adjusts to levels defined beforehand.
Work in the process department where they are responsible for mixing, weighing and classifying capsules, handling of reactors, etc. and in the packaging line, where they handle, pack and condition the product, complying with good manufacturing practice regulations:
  • Perform different pharmaceutical operations at the plant, including granulation, compression, coating and blistering.
  • Fill out the documentation related to the process.
  • Clean the packaging line, including any residues of the various medicines involved.
  • Perform format changes and adjustments on machinery.
  • Take care of order picking and stock control after gaining some experience in the company.

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