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Proteomics is the discipline that studies proteoma or the set of proteins in a cell that determines its cellular functions. This area of research is growing quickly in the post-genomic era, and its main goal is to identify protein expression levels, study their interaction and determine possible post-translational modifications.

Proteomics allows researchers to study the overall protein content of a subcellular or cellular compartment, tissue or organism at a specific time and under certain environmental conditions. It is based on techniques for separating, identifying and characterising proteins, which make it possible to analyse a large number of proteins in the various processes involved.

Proteomics technicians are professionals who are dedicated to studying the set of proteins in a cell.


  • Conduct experiments to separate, identify and characterise proteins.
  • Know proteomic technologies and methodologies for identifying, separating and synthesising proteins.
  • Be aware of new proteomic technologies.
  • In a service technology platform, attend to and advise users of the services provided and instruct on the terms of use and operation of the equipment of the platform.
  • Know and use databases of known proteins.
  • Participate in research projects related to proteomics.
  • Pose new objectives and research projects in this field.
  • Publish the results of research in specialty journals.
  • Present results at scientific conferences and similar events.
  • Know and use databases of known proteins.
  • Perform maintenance and calibration of equipment.
  • Often combine research activity with teaching and academic activity.
  • Regularly report on advances and incidences in projects to project heads and/or collaborators.

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