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Food establishment sanitary conditions auditor


Food establishment evaluators conduct external audits to verify the fulfillment of health guarantees of food establishments, such as commercial food establishments (bars and restaurants), canteens (schools canteens) or retail businesses where foodstuffs are handled (butchers, greengrocers, etc.), in accordance with current health regulations and with self-controls performed by the establishment. Auditors must ensure confidentiality, given that, because of their work, they will learn about all of a company's industrial processes.


  • Check the fulfillment of regulations. Verify that food establishments comply with current applicable regulations: conditions for obtaining a business licence, conditions for systems existing in the establishment, etc. Regulations vary according to the type of establishment.
  • Check manufacturing processes of foodstuffs. Auditors verify that processes are correctly diagrammed, that the flow chart respects principles of hygiene, and that there are systems in place to evalute the functioning of production processes. They do so by checking control records and certificates and any other documents.
  • Inspect the hygiene of premises, systems and instruments, which means verifying that establishments meet hygiene and sanitary conditions outlined in regulations, according to the establishment. Ensure that the establishment has - if so stipulated in regulations - suitable devices for cleaning and disinfecting work instruments and material.
  • Verify that the establishment applies good practices for manufacturing or handling foodstuffs. Good practices guarantee that foodstuffs are manufactured or handled in suitable hygienic conditions. In addition, audit self-control health prerequisites implemented in the establishment.

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