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Health documentation technician for public health research and quality


Health research information officers compile, process and organise clinical and non-clinical information and documentation, providing data processing and analysis by specialists who research and assess public health and/or quality of care. Define, with the appropriate supervision, computer and document encoding and handling processes, assuring compliance with health administration and international standards. Work well in quality evaluation and quality for healthcare provision, providing support as an information officer to public health research groups and units.


  • Compile the information needed for the health research or to evaluate the healthcare benefit. Extract this information from various sources and on different supports: documentation archives and patients' medical records, related reports and studies, databases of research articles and others, surveys designed for obtaining user information (perception of the quality of service received, expectations of the healthcare system, etc.).
  • Enter the obtained data into computer databases, such as demographic characteristics, history and extension of the illness, diagnostic and treatment procedures, information on the environment, quality of life, habits and behaviours, incidents in healthcare service, data on the perception of users of the healthcare system, etc.
    Update details as and when required.
  • Design, implement and maintain the coding and index system for the data gathered and define an appropriate data recovery system.
    Draw up information classification systems, ensuring the consistency and integrity of the data (detects and correct duplicate entries, information gaps, etc.)
  • When obtaining information regarding patient history, interpret the clinical coding system and maintain contact with the medical history file administrator.
    When evaluating the provision of healthcare, assure there is feedback from other professionals in the area of public health quality and the patient care unit.
  • Prepare or cooperate in preparing statistical reports and graphic presentations using the results obtained from data processing, employing statistics, epidemiological and quality control tools.

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