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Medical chemistry manager


Pharmaceutical chemistry refers to the identification, synthesis and development of new chemical compounds for therapeutic use. It includes organic compounds, such as small organic, inorganic and biopolymer molecules.
The key role of the pharmaceutical chemist is to design and synthesise new chemical libraries and entities which may later be used in the treatment of pathologies the company researches. This chemist also fine-tunes the properties of candidate molecules, taking into account the patentability of both the product and its delivery mechanism.


  • Devise a general chemical strategy to research drugs.
  • In charge of the design, synthesis and structural elucidation of new compounds and series of related compounds kept in chemical libraries, one of the key assets of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Draw up the procedures required to perfect a patentable synthesis method.
  • Develop suitable synthesis methods applicable to both small scale laboratory procedures and large-scale industrial production processes.
  • Liaise with external companies which have an involvement in the synthesis and chemical-physical analysis processes.
  • Form part of multidisciplinary teams (pharmacologists, clinicians, galenic) to create new chemical series and optimise candidate compounds and related products.
  • Keep up to date with new compounds launched on the market.
  • Publish articles in specialised journals and participate in specific congresses.

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