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Technician in the health protection of group spaces and places


The main goal of this technician it is to verify conditions of use or occupancy of a space. The space may be public or private, and the technician works in a specific space, such as a neighbourhood, a building or a company. At the same time, this professional may conduct external consulting on other spaces. It is a profession that requires confidentiality, because it deals with sensitive information referring to the health of the persons in the space.


  • Perform prevention work in the space. All spaces have related conditions of use or occupancy that guarantee the protection of health. Technicians in the health protection of spaces identify the characteristics of the space and the health conditions it must have. For example, they must consider:
    The conditions of the space based on the people using it (the elderly, small children or adults). There are certain users that need certain, more specific conditions of use or occupancy of the space, such as nurseries.
    The conditions of swimming pools in the space. Enforce specific regulations for swimming pools.
    The conditions of the facilities with regard to public health, for example, verify application of regulations on hygienic-sanitary conditions to prevent and control legionellosis.
    The sanitary conditions of areas for dogs (dog parks).
    The occupancy conditions of the space; this includes buildings and premises within the work area.
    The hygienic conditions of the space may determine, for example, the need to disinfect, or use insecticide or rat poison in the space due to the presence of insects, rats or other pests.
  • Conduct inspections. Inspect the space to confirm that it complies with suitable conditions to protect the health of the people that live in it or use it.
    Prepare reports for specific situations to analyse a specific health problem that has arisen in the workspace.
  • Help design the space. When the space is designed, may participate by establishing preventive measures that guarantee the protection of human health.
  • Must take into account the health regulations affecting the space under inspection.

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