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These professionals are responsible for providing care to the people they look after and for acting on the health conditions in their environment as a member of a nursing team in specialised and primary health care centres. They carry out their tasks under the supervision of the graduate nurse or, where appropriate, as a member of a health team, under the corresponding supervision.

Among the auxiliary care provided by these professionals, we can find actions aimed directly at the users, but also others that guarantee the proper functioning of the service, such as administrative or preventive actions or those aimed at guaranteeing the optimal state of the material of the environment of the patient.

These professionals can work in a wide variety of healthcare areas, among which we can distinguish primary and community care (home care, health promotion, consultations, clinics or geriatric centres) and specialised care (emergencies, delivery rooms, paediatrics, operating theatres, sterilisation centres, special units such as ICU or mental health and geriatrics, among others).


Carry out auxiliary nursing care
  • Carry out the necessary actions to facilitate the correct examination and observation of the person.
  • Carry out the preparation and administration of oral, rectal and topical medication.
  • Apply local treatments of thermotherapy, cryotherapy and medical hydrology, following the established technical protocols and indications for action.
  • Carry out postural mobilisation of the patient, considering his/her condition and recommended position.
  • Collaborate in the provision of psychological care for the person by applying psychological support and health education techniques at his/her level.

Perform care tasks
  • Wash and carry out the hygiene of the person, according to his/her needs and the defined plan.
  • Maintain the order, cleanliness and hygienic-sanitary conditions of the person's room, both in hospital and at home.
  • Distribute meals and provide support when required.
  • Prepare the person for transfer, ensuring that safety conditions are met.

Take care of the health material and the environment of the patient
  • Carry out the cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of the material and instruments of the different units/consultations.
  • Participate in the control of nosocomial infections (infections that are generated in the hospital or care unit) and apply isolation protocols if necessary.

Perform administrative and procurement tasks
  • Manage the documentation of the unit/consultation.
  • Process the information of the consultation/unit in order to quote, receive and register user data, complying with the established rules.
  • Check that the necessary material (utensils, equipment and raw materials) is available to carry out the activities involved in care work.

Participate in prevention and containment tasks
  • Collaborate in actions aimed at promoting knowledge and hygienic-health habits in the population.
  • Coordinate with other members of the work team in the care of users to improve health care.
  • Act in possible emergencies, quickly transmitting alarm signals and applying the established safety measures.

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