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Cleaner, Cleaning Assistant


These professionals are responsible for guaranteeing a clean and pleasant environment in the homes and facilities where they work, paying special attention to order, hygiene and healthiness of these spaces with the aim of favouring the well-being of the resident and minimising the risk of infections or contagions.

Within the field of house cleaning, these professionals may work in the private home of a person and/or family. In this case, the specific duties to be performed are agreed with the person in the home and/or their family in the event that the person is in a situation of dependency. Likewise, these professionals can perform cleaning services within the framework of the Home Care Service working through the company that manages this service.

In the field of facilities, these professionals usually work for an external service company, which cleans the facilities. In this case, they are in charge of cleaning so-called collective establishments, such as those linked to care work (nursing homes, day centres, homes-residences for the disabled, other long-term care services), educational centres (schools, universities, high schools), airports and public transport facilities (stations, platforms and carriages in the case of railways or trains, for example), penitentiary centres, cultural facilities (libraries, civic centres, museums), public institutions, hotels and offices, among others.


  • Carry out the daily cleaning of the places assigned to them in the collective establishment or in the dwelling as a whole (sweeping, mopping floors, dusting, cleaning toilets, kitchen, windows, etc.) in order to maintain acceptable conditions of hygiene and healthiness.
  • Use specific products for each type of space or material to be cleaned, wish special emphasis on the use of products suitable for disinfection.
  • Organise and keep in order the different elements and contents of the establishment or dwelling where they carry out their job, in order to achieve a pleasant and harmonious environment.
  • Remove waste and rubbish, following the protocols established in each case.
  • Control the stock of products and materials necessary to do their job (soap, brooms, hoover filters, etc.) and place orders in advance, with the aim of guaranteeing that the cleaning operations can be carried out correctly.
  • If required by the company they work for, they keep a record of the tasks performed.
  • In the case of domestic cleaning work in households with dependent persons, they usually clean and tidy the bathroom after hygiene, the kitchen after meals or make the bed after getting the person up. Likewise, they take care of the clothes, both of the person's clothes and of the linen, taking care of cleaning, ironing, tidying and arranging the sheets, curtains and other items of clothing, whenever necessary.

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