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Hospital porters are responsible for the surveillance and transfer of people and/or instrumentarium within a health centre or institution. They form part of the team of non-health professionals and perform a fundamental task to ensure the smooth running of the centre where they work.

Specifically, they ensure the maintenance of general order, providing support in auxiliary tasks such as the transfer of medical material (samples, medical records, specific equipment), mobilisation of patients (with stretchers, wheelchairs or lifting devices), control of the exit and entry of people receiving treatment or family members accompanying them and, in general, any type of support necessary to ensure the correct provision of health services. Thus, they are in constant contact with users and their families, but also in regular coordination with the team of healthcare professionals at the centre (doctors, nurses and auxiliary nursing technicians).

This professional figure is usually necessary in all health centres: hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices and public and private health centres, and their participation in daily tasks is essential.


Guarding and surveillance
  • Carry out guard and surveillance services to control the entry and exit of people in the health facilities and wards.
  • Ensure that patients and accompanying persons make proper use of the facilities and rooms provided.
  • Ensure general order and silence in the healthcare facilities.
  • Inform the relevant department of possible faults and damage to areas of the hospital grounds, both in the exterior and interior facilities.
Transfer of persons and/or medical equipment.
  • If necessary, mobilise persons being cared for in the centre using different methods, which may include cranes, wheelchairs, or stretchers.
  • Transfer various types of medical equipment as instructed by senior staff.
Other auxiliary tasks
  • Support the tasks of the nursing assistants in caring for people and their basic needs (hygiene, feeding, etc.).
  • Carry out other auxiliary tasks considered necessary for the smooth running of the centre autonomously or in coordination with the different health professionals.

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