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Training specialist in the healthcare field; Health training manager


Health training technicians work in the field of human resources at hospitals or clinics, or at institutions with training functions. Jobs in the healthcare professional are an advantage, detecting training needs and filling the void for these needs with institutional and individual training plans. They are up-to-date on the training available at different institutions in the sector in which they work (universities, training companies, healthcare centres, foundations, etc.), allowing them to skillfully adapt outside training available to the exact needs of the professionals at their company.


  • Be familiar with the professional profiles whose training he/she is in charge of.
  • Intervene across the entire training cycle. From the moment training needs are identified or a specific request received, design, plan, implement and evaluate a training activity and consequently introduce the relevant improvements.
  • With regard to identifying training requirements, differentiate between "nice to know" and "need to know". Also reformulate demands and determine whether or not these can be met with a particular training activity.
  • Design training activities according to the needs identified, the professional profile these are aimed at, the number of persons likely to attend, the skills to be improved upon (knowledge, skills and attitudes, available resources... In order to do so, set up the working group which will later become the teaching committee in charge of the training activity. This committee, which he/she may head or not, draws up the programme, teaching materials, methodologies and examination system.
  • Organise, develop, coordinate and supervise the training activity. Direct any administrative tasks required to support the implementation of the activity.
  • Draw up reports on training activities carried out and propose improvements.
  • Periodically draw up training plans according to the guidelines specified by the management he/she is in charge of advising.

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