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Telehealth expert; e-Health expert; Expert in distance medicine


A Telemedicine expert is a professional who designs and develops specific systems and solutions for the practice of Remote Medicine. What is understood as Telemedicine or Remote Medicine is a very broad field which ranges from teleconsultation and telediagnosis to telemonitoring or telesurgery, the continuous training of health professionals and health management to health-related education and promotion in the community. This expert must be highly familiar with IT and telecommunication technologies and must have some working knowledge of medicine and management in order to be able to assess the needs of health professionals or citizens S/he must also know to apply his/her knowledge and available technologies to the development of suitable plans or systems.


The Telemedicine expert operates in companies which provides Telematic Telemedicine services or equipment. Typical tasks include the following:
  • Analyse the health-related objectives of telematic projects assigned to him/her.
  • Study the technological and financial requierments of the project and available resources.
  • Propose and provide arguments to support solutions, defining the necessary organisational and technological changes to be implemented and the costs involved.
Experts operating in health centres, whether public or private, or in public administration bodies, tend to do the following:
  • Propose Telemedicine plans and systems to improve healthcare services, help make these readily available to all citizens, help ease the work of healthcare professionals, encourage the continuity of care across the different levels of healthcare assistance, speed up administrative procedures and improve the efficiency of the system.
  • Evaluate the benefits of the changes proposed, providing supporting arguments based on feasibility studies and cost-benefit assessments.
With regard to more specific tasks, there is a high degree of variability, depending on the place of work, duties and area of activity. Regardless of the case at hand, some of the specific tasks involved are as follows :
  • Install or supervise the installation of the various software and hardware systems and any additional equipment, such as: Communication networks allowing the interconnection of health centres, or videoconference systems in city councils or other social centres to enable consults in larger population centres (the patient can thus explain the symptoms suffered and the physician either prescribes a treatment immediately or refers the patient to a hospital, if necessary).
  • Connect to the computer terminal (using a sound card or microcamera attached to the machine or any other component required to carry out a remote assessment, such as: a phonendoscope to check the patient's heartbeat, a laryngoscope or otoscope to visualise the throat or ears in high resolution.
Telemedicine experts operating in the field of telesurgery, in addition to using IT and videconferencing equipment, require other state-of-the-art technology, such as robotics, to substitute the presence of the surgeon in the OR.
  • Install robotic arms or other tools and accessories the use of which the specialist surgeon will then direct via videocamera. Two of the robotic arms handle the medical instruments, and the third is devoted to handling the visualisation equipment.
  • Also often looks after equipment maintenance and adjustments to changes which may occur in the organisations or in new medical techniques and knowledge.
In addition, the Telemedicine expert usually carries out other tasks which include the following:
  • Must continuously refresh his/her knowledge of IT and telecommunication technologies and keep abreast of advances made in the area of medicine he/she operates in.
  • In charge of training healthcare professionals who will use the implemented Telemedicine systems.
  • Draw up procedure protocols.
  • Gives courses or seminars.

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