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Lab assistant; lab technician


Artificial skin is a living tissue synthesised in the laboratory from skin cells on a matrix of collagen (protein that provides tensile strength and flexibility). Currently, artificial human skins also are used to test new pharmaceutical and cosmetic products instead of testing on animals. In medicine, artificial skin is used for grafting in cases of burns and ulcers. The cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries usually have artificial skin cultures where researchers test the efficacy and safety of their products. Artificial skin operators are the professionals in charge of the maintenance of artificial human skins in the laboratory.


  • Ensure the availability of all necessary biological materials, culture media and reagents.
  • Work under strict sterile conditions.
  • Keep cells alive and control the production process of artificial skin (removal of cells, incubation in suitable culture media, dilutions, nutrients, etc.).
  • Characterise artificial cells or tissues (morphology, characteristics, properties, functions, etc.).
  • Perform experiments according to the demands of researchers.

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