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Diet and nutrition technician


The dietician - nutricionist devises diets adapted to persons and groups, controls the quality of human nutrition, analyses their eating behaviours and nutritional requirements, and programmes and implements educational activities to improve dietary habits in the community.


  • Draw up and supervise adapted diet plans for individuals and groups, taking into account their nutritional requirements and any pathologies, characteristics, preferences and possibilities:
    Analyse the necessary principles and formulas to achieve a healthy, balanced diet, directed at individuals or groups, depending on their specificities.
    Interpret the nutritional prescriptions established for every individual or group.
    Draw up a specific nutritional characterisation for a person or group to define their nutritional requirements.
    Devise diet plans according to the physiological and functional characteristics of the individual or groups (also taking into consideration other variables of interest, such as: age and type of activity) and the physio-pathological processes that might affect them.
    Evaluate the degree of acceptance of a particular diet and its effectiveness as rated by the individuals or groups who follow it.
  • Control and supervise the qualitative composition of foods to determine their safety and nutritional quality, as well as their dietary-therapeutic potential.
    Analyse foodstuffs on the basis of samples taken on-site. Package, preserve, transport, register and deliver the samples to the laboratory for their subsequent analysis.
    Interpret and record the analytical research data obtained.
  • Supervise the preservation, handling and processing of foods destined for human consumption:
    Supervise the delivery of any foodstuffs purchased and check their quality in terms of hygiene and whether these meet the guidelines specified.
    Supervise the storage and preservation processes applied to foods destined for human consumption and guarantee their nutritional quality and safety.
    Monitor, maintain and supervise food sanitation systems according to quality standards.
    Control and monitor the handling of foods destined for human consumption to prevent their potential contamination and ensure they retain their nutritional qualities.
    Supervise the transformation process of foodstuffs destined for human consumption.
  • Review, control and supervise the health and safety conditions of foodstuffs and facilities (kitchens and lunchrooms).
    Carry out the preventive maintenance of the facilities, machinery and instruments, keeping them ready for use and ensure hygienic conditions are maintained during food preparation, handling and preservation.
    Check that regulations are met with regard to safety and hygiene in work areas used to prepare, handle and keep food.
  • Promote the health of individuals and the community with nutritional education activities and the dissemination of good dietary practice and habits.
    Study the dietary habits of the target population for healthy nutrition related educational activities.
    Devise educational strategies to raise awareness and motivate individuals to acquire healthy dietary habits.
    Design and draw up the contents of educational-training activities on ethiopathogeny and the prevention of pathologies associated with eating disorders.
    Liven up training activities destined to promote good nutritional habits in groups with different levels of education and motivation.
    Advise and provide information on food and nutrition to other health organisation and the community itself.

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