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Medical Editor


The Law on Medicinal Products defines clinical trials as "all experimental evaluation of a substance or drug through its administration or application to human beings". In view of the increasing number of drugs in the clinical trial phase and the need for notifying the competent authorities about these medicines, more and more professionals are needed with skills in writing reports that use pharmaceutical sector specific technical terms and writing styles. Based on collaboration with medical staff, scientists and experts in other fields, the medical writer drafts and edits drug reports, protocols for clinical trials, guidelines for laboratory procedures or information for the media about new discoveries or trials in their specific field. They must write or to rewrite information from various sources in a standard style that complies with current legislation.


  • Draft and ensure that the medical texts issued by different departments (clinical trial protocols, manuscripts) fulfill the general principles of the company and all legal requirements.
  • Draft a large number of documents in English, as the market is international and this simplifies collaboration among participating institutions in different countries.
  • Regularly collaborate with public relations, R&D, marketing and regulatory affairs departments.
  • Design documents, such as clinical research reports, targeted at physicians to provide information on the novelties of a drug.
  • Write reports for patients on drugs and their effects.
  • Create tables and data graphs and describe patient cases for clinical research reports.
  • Write reports for the media or write directly in the press.

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