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Clinical trial assistant (A/C)


A clinical trial is the process of evaluating a substance or drug experimentally, through its administration or application to humans. It is a key procedure in the pharmaceutical industry, and for effective and safe medicines to be available in the health sector.

The clinical trial assistants are members of the administrative staff of the department responsible for clinical trials in a pharmaceutical company. They work as an assistant to the clinical research manager (CRM) and the clinical trial monitor or clinical research assistant (CRA). Their main roles are of administrative character, although specialization in clinical matters is required. Apart from a good understanding of office organization and management, it is also essential to know processes, departments and clinical terminology.

A clinical trial is a multidisciplinary project and, in general, also international. Therefore, clinical trial assistant is important for effective internal and external communication of the department leading the trial.


  • Perform administrative tasks for correct performance of the trial. Manage the mail, phone calls, agenda, and organize and follow-up meetings.
  • Create and update databases.
  • Organize delivery of documentation to ethics committees and to competent health authorities.
  • Assist the clinical trial monitor (CRA) in monitoring tasks.
  • Manage payments, take administrative control of the trial budgets and negotiate contracts.

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