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Medical sales representative; Hospital sales representative: Hospital representative.


The medical representative is a professional who works for a pharmaceutical company and promotes the pharmaceuticals assigned to him/her. To carry out this occupation, this professional must have a scientific-technical knowledge related to the products s/he promotes, given that s/he must interact with a highly specialised professional category with an excellent command of the technical jargon . His/her main role is to offer physicians accurate and up-to-date technical data regarding the product and to ensure said product goes on to form part of the therapeutic options favoured by the physician who then prescribes it to his/her patients. The medical representative works for one pharmaceutical company exclusively. The representative is assigned a territory and must pay regular visits to physicians in hospitals, clinics and, depending on the products assigned to him/her, also chemists and pharmacies in the area. Unlike the pharmaceutical representative, the medical representative only promotes ethical drugs, that is, medications which require a medical prescription.


  • Manage and promote the pharmaceutical product portfolio assigned to him/her.
  • Plan and carry out customer visits.
  • Call on practitioners in clinics, hospitals and doctor's surgeries.
  • Build, promote and maintain relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and physicians.
  • Personally share authorised product fact sheet data with physicians.
  • Keep customer records up to date with IT application such as ETMS (accessible via mobile devices or palmtops).
  • Escort physicians to conferences, seminars and activities sponsored by the pharmaceutical company.
  • Maintain contact with the business network of the company.
  • Report to the regional sales manager on calls made and results obtained.
  • In charge of achieving recognition, sales and product penetration objectives in the allocated geographical area, under the supervision of the regional manager.

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