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The e-Health consultant is an expert professional in the design, management and implementation of e-Health projects. These are projects that apply ICT to medicine, for example, shared clinical history, personal health folder, electronic prescriptions, image scanning, telemedicine and telecare.

This professional works generally in technology consulting for health providing services to public and private healthcare organizations (hospitals, primary care centers, health administrations of different levels -national, regional, local-, clinics, etc.). This professional can also work in public or private health centers performing management functions and control of the implementation of e-Health projects.


¿ To advise on the contribution or solutions offered by ICT to improve the organization, management and delivery of health services.
¿ To analyze, identify and interpret customer needs in health information management, and propose appropriate e-Health solutions. Some of these solutions could be, for example, the installation of cameras that send live images to other centers for diagnosis; 2.0 application development for patients who want to generate content that, once analyzed, could facilitate the provision of epidemics or allow patients to support each other; the development of mobile applications that improve information on specialized health services (such as programming through mobile games aimed at educating the community on healthy habits); platforms supporting video for communication and diagnostic; endowment of e-Health services in management platforms, for example, FISHING platform (platform for e-Health in open source
¿ To implement e-Health projects: management and coordination of human resources involved in the implementation of e-Health projects, which represents organize time and tasks, and conduct monitoring and troubleshooting in implantation phase .
¿ To track projects and check its correct development assuring the compliance with established quality standards, and to resolve any issues that may arise. To prepare reports about the project status and make the evaluation of results.

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