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Pharmacogenomics specialist


Pharmacogenetics studies the influence that a person's genes have on the response to different medicines, i.e., it studies the effect of a person's genetic variability on his or her response to certain drugs. The aim of pharmacogenetics is to find out how an individual's genetic characteristics determine the degree of effectiveness of a medicine in his or her body and what potential side effects may occur.

Pharmacogenomics complements pharmacogenetics. While the latter looks for modifications in individual genes in drug response, pharmacogenomics considers the entire genome with a comprehensive view. Both disciplines are complementary and aim to discover the influence that a person's genetic make-up has on the effectiveness or toxicity of a pharmacological substance, although at different levels.

Personalised pharmacogenetics specialists are the professionals responsible for developing gene-based analytical systems, making it possible to determine the best treatment and/or best therapeutic dose in a personalised manner for each patient.


  • Conduct studies to determine the effectiveness of a drug.
  • Work closely with doctors and scientists specialising in different pathologies on the design and planning of new research projects.
  • Design and plan clinical trials and evaluate results.
  • Be aware of the latest techniques, technologies and equipment for genetic analysis of biological samples.
  • Request funding for research.
  • Publish research results in specialty journals.
  • Present findings at scientific conferences.

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