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Biosubstances are substances obtained from a bioprocess. This may be the acquisition of therapeutic proteins such as insulin or human growth factor (proteins synthesized in the laboratory using genetic engineering and produced in bacteria or in vegetal or animal cell cultures). The expert in biomanufacture is responsible for the process for manufacturing a biosubstance. They supervise all operations of the process and control the different stages for manufacturing products. In addition,. they control the operation of the equipment, as well as the quality level and compliance with manufacturing standards. The expert in biomanufacture works under sterile conditions regulated by the guidelines for Good Laboratory and Manufacture Practice (GLP and GMP). Work is usually in certified laboratories for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and related products.


  • Manage a biotechnological production line, for example, an antibiotic, a vaccine, etc.
  • Prepare and test raw materials (bacteria, cell cultures, recombinant DNA, etc.).
  • Draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) under the supervision of the production manager and in accordance with the criteria of the quality assurance department.
  • Ensure that all materials and reagents are available.
  • Collaborate closely with the technical analysis and quality departments to ensure the quality of the biofabricated product.
  • Ensure the facilities and auxiliary services are prepared for the bioprocess.
  • Work under the supervision of the production manager.
  • Comply with environmental, sterility and safety standards and apply criteria for good manufacturing practice.

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