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Gerontology assistant, Gerontology aide, Direct-care worker


Geriatric nursing assistants are a key figure in the care of dependent elderly people, since they are in charge of their care, in social institutions, geriatric residences or day centres.

These professionals help elderly persons carry out everyday activities which they are no longer able to perform by themselves (getting up, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, showering, personal hygiene, etc.), carry out comprehensive care tasks for users and in the space where users live (cleanliness and order) and collaborate in preventive and stimulating intervention together with other professionals, with the aim of maintaining skills and at the same time contributing to the users' well-being and quality of life.


Carry out assistance-related tasks.
  • Help users get up, get dressed and undressed.
  • Help users with their personal hygiene tasks and collaborate in the care and prevention of problems related to the elimination and control of sphincter incontinence.
  • Serve food to users who need it and help autonomous people in what they cannot do on their own.
  • Administer medication by oral or topical route and provide specific care services under the supervision of the healthcare staff.
  • Help patients change position with the help of the nursing staff.
  • Help users in their movements and in the placement of assistive devices (prostheses, wheelchairs, walking frames, etc.).
  • Check any incidents or symptoms which might affect users and share these with the multidisciplinary team if necessary.
  • Look after the residents' relatives.
  • Accompany users during their end-of-life process.

Carry out cleaning and catering tasks.
  • Clean residents' personal items (toiletries, washbasins, etc.)
  • Tidy up dirty clothes and organise its transportation to the laundry room.
  • Collaborate in the cleaning and arrangement of rooms.
  • Set the table, collect and distribute meals to dependent residents, whether in the dining room or bedrooms. Also serve meals to residents with special requirements outside regular meal schedules.
  • Collaborate in the maintenance and control of stocks of materials (diapers, underwear, etc.).

Help carry out preventative and stimulating intervention and promote a good atmosphere.
  • Boost users' motivation through participation in different activities (entertainment, rehabilitation and occupational therapy).
  • Boost and exercise elderly and dependent people skills to slow their deterioration and foster their personal autonomy.
  • Listen to users and detect any previously unidentified problems.
  • Help users feel at home, in familiar settings.
  • Encourage human, social and interpersonal contact between residents.

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