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Pharmacy assistants or dispensing assistants are professionals who dispense medicines and health and beauty products, as well as products related to body hygiene and dietetics, which require specialised technical advice. Orthopaedic devices are also sold in some in pharmaceutical establishments. Pharmacy assistants generally deal with two scenarios: customers coming to get products that require a medical prescription, and people looking for professional advice. As such, they must have sufficient knowledge to provide advice on medical and aesthetic issues, although their role should never take the place of the opinions of medical professions. To this effect, their role is not restricted to simply selling and dispensing these products, but also involves giving customers information about their use, how they should be administered (on a personal basis) and other issues not covered by physicians. These professionals normally report to the pharmacy manager.


  • Greet and serve customers when they come into the shop.
  • Understand and identify the needs of customers, using relevant technical media and the protocols laid out for each case.
  • Inform, advise and guide customers with regards to the products in which they show interest.
  • Wrap up/pack products sold and take payment from customers.
  • Monitor supplies of products (receipt, storage, inventories, stock control, etc.).
  • Perform administrative tasks related to handling medical prescriptions, payment, cash control and processing of transfers.
  • Manage product stocks to ensure products do not expire.
  • Issue purchase orders and pass these on to suppliers.
  • Oversee the selective collection of expired medicines and other products and take them to the relevant selective collection points.
  • Occasionally perform basic clinical and medical tests.
  • Occasionally, prepare magistral formulas using active principles.
    They may take on the role of shop manager in his or her absence.

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