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Biomaterials expert


From a medical point of view, biomaterials are natural or artificial materials that are implanted in an organism to replace or enhance the functionality of living tissues or organs. Biomaterials are used to partially or fully repair or replace tissues like bone, cartilage and heart valves. They are also used in dentistry and in surgery, and a drug delivery function can be added to them. Biomaterials researchers are professionals who are primarily concerned with researching and developing new biomaterials. These professionals have knowledge of cell biology, material engineering methods, biochemistry and physical chemistry and, above all, in tissue engineering, also known as regenerative medicine.


  • Develop new biomaterials. Work on improvements and on new potential applications for existing biomaterials.
  • Characterise biomaterials from suppliers already on the market and their combination.
  • Identify and recommend appropriate biomaterials according to uses and applications.
  • Develop industrial processes for the combination of biomaterials.
  • Provide information on the characteristics, properties and capabilities of biomaterials.
  • Know relevant regulatory requirements to obtain the competent health certification.
  • Be aware of new biomaterials developed.
  • Publish research results in specialty journals and/or scientific congresses.

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