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The emergence of computational chemistry and high-performance assays has led to the need to keep a large number of compounds in a standardised and traceable manner. The chemical library is a collection of molecules of chemical origin or from natural extracts which are stored, categorised and characterised according to their structure and other activity parameters, if applicable. This collection of compounds, often referred to as library, includes a variable number (from thousands to millions) of samples, all of them fully traceable both in terms of their origin and subsequent uses in various biological assays. The chemical library manager is the person in charge of ensuring the integrity,preservation and traceability of compounds found by research centres or companies. This may be an independent department or one which is integrated within the structure of medical chemistry.


  • Establish the chemical library management and quality assurance systems, devising compound entry, outflow and intermediary control procedures.
  • Together with the medical chemistry department, analyse the need for compound purchases of various origins required to complement those synthesised internally in the laboratory, according to the established strategic research priorities. Also jointly devise and implement the classification and transfer systems applicable to products originating from the medical chemistry department to the chemical library .
  • Carry out the preparation of compounds requested by the biological departments to carry out experimental testing.
  • In the case of products which already find themselves in regulatory development phases, these are handled and processed according to GLP standards and Standard Operating Procedures drawn up jointly with those in charge of quality and regulatory aspects.

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