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Pet and other animal handling and capture technician


Animal handling and capture technicians deal with pets. They establish mechanisms of action to capture animals on the street and inside buildings (for example, an abandoned dog or a trapped cat in a building), and to handle pets and wild animals in general that must be captured and later moved to an animal shelter. They work in animal shelters (as a professional or volunteer), in zoos or in shops, and they are always under the orders of a vet. These professionals should be able to handle and capture animals and guarantee their own safety and that of others.


  • Capture pets and common wild animals.
  • Handle animals at zoos and at animal care centres, shelters or shops. To handle animals, technicians know how to handle them, based on their knowledge of how animals behave and of the needs animals have. Handling animals involves conducting, under the orders of a vet, tasks such as:
    Identifying the animal through a chip, which serves as proof of identity for possible loss, theft or uncontrolled sale.
    Performing a control of animals that have been captured or that are being worked with
    Control and eradication of the infectious and parasitic diseases that affect animals at a zoo, always under the supervision of a vet.
    Vaccination under the supervision of a vet.
    Basic care of animals.
    Monitor the health of the animal.
  • Ocassionally advise pet owners on questions they may have about caring for and having pets.

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